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Blogirthmatic is devoted to provide hardware and software solutions for industrial as well as commercial use. We are in the process of developing our own IoT embedded software for the use in small and medium enterprise to track all interconnected devices from prototypes, development, testing to production. All collected data will be processed in a cloud base platform to provide insights for analytics such as cost control and continuous improvement of the products. .

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We tailor the project to meet your goal and budget.

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We assure the quality of our design and value creation for all participants.


We grow with your business commercially and technologically in such competitive business environment.


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Web Design

Experienced web development for seamless UI/UX experience.

Business Analytics

Data collection, storage and full analytics with sophisticated dashboards for effective business decision making.

Internet of Things

Services for all connected devices. Relevant sensors selection and implementaion. API-based development and integration

Smart Services

Business modelling and algorithm with the use of artifical intelligence and enterprise machine learning. Insights gain from pattern recognition and predictive analytics.

Mobile Application

Full iOS and Android phone application development.

e-Commerce Solution

Back end stock control, pricing, sustomer ordering, pickup, delivery and invoicing solution.

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